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MOST NEEDED: Give to our Rapid Response Fund!

Every financial donation made to the Love & Justice Rapid Response Fund is used to directly resource unhoused individuals or curbside communities.  Donations to the rapid response fund are not tax deductible, but your contribution helps us ensure that when an urgent need arises for an unhoused neighbor, we will have the flexibility and funds on hand to respond swiftly and effectively.  

Rapid Response Venmo
Rapid Response GoFundMe
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Make a donation through our fiscal sponsor: WRAP

Donations made through our fiscal sponsor, the Western Regional Advocacy Project (WRAP) are tax deductible. You can make a one-time donation, or keep your impact going year-round by signing up for a monthly recurring donation.  Either way, these funds keep us stocked with critical survival supplies such as tents, sleeping bags, clothing, rain gear and more which can be distributed during extreme weather events, evictions and as other needs arise for our unhoused neighbors.  Through WRAP we can also accept contributions from foundations and donor advised funds.  WRAP's EIN number is 26-1982806

Donate via WRAP's Online Platform

List "Love and Justice in the Streets" 

in the section where it asks about any

special purpose for your donation

 Donate via WRAP By Check


Make check payable to :

Western Regional Advocacy Project
2940 16th Street, Suite 200-2
San Francisco, CA 94103

And be sure to write

"Love & Jusitce in the Streets"

in the memo line

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