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What We Do

Resourcing, Organizing & Amplifying

The homelessness crisis in Oakland cannot be addressed in a just and humane manner without the voices and leadership contributions of unhoused community members.  However the daily hardships of living without stable housing can make it difficult or impossible to participate in policy work or community organizing efforts.  By meeting the urgent needs of our unhoused neighbors and curbside communities, Love & Justice increases their capacity to participate in grassroots organizing efforts to bring humane, just and lasting solutions to the Oakland homelessness crisis.

Rapid Response


We are in the streets and visiting encampments regularly to provide solidarity, accompanyment and material resources for unhoused Oakland residents as they endure illegal evictions, encampment demolitions and the daily struggles of surviving without housing.  When we are notified of an urgent need, such as an unhoused neighbor in need of a tent, food, medical supplies or other material assistance, we do our best arrange for those material needs to be met as soon as possible.  

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Organizing & Solidarity

We believe that the voices of unhoused people should be central in all organizing and policy conversations concerning homelessness.  Love & Justice collaborates with leaders from other East Bay organizations such as the Homeless Advocacy Working Group, the East Oakland Collective, the Western Regional Advocacy Project and the Village to ensure that unhoused community members are included in strategic organizing and policy efforts to address homelessness. 

Amplifying Issues

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We work to bring media attention to the systemic injustices that are perpetrated against our homeless neighbors.  We connect journalists directly to unhoused residents with the goal of amplifying their stories to shift public understanding of the crisis.  Click the link below for a collection of articles to which Love & Justice and our partner organizations have contributed.

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